Survey Finds Qantas is Crap: Now There’s a Surprise (not)

May 29, 2007

The SMH reports on a Choice survey of Australian flyers that rated Qantas as the worst international airline flying out of Australia and 3rd out of 4 domestic airlines, the Qantas owned Jetstar coming 4th.

According to radio reports Australians fly Qantas out of habit, and the frequent flyer program and safety record also help.

The real shocking thing is that Qantas is acting all surprised and quoting other surveys to belittle these survey results. Memo to Qantas: you’ve been crap for years. You’ve never listened to your customers before so there’s no great surprise that you’d ignore them now.

I only fly Qantas domestically myself due to the full in-flight service and frequent flyers, yet if there was another Ansett in terms of choice I’d never fly Qantas again (and indeed, when there was Ansett I never flew Qantas then). I also try to avoid Qantas on overseas flights as well. Where do I start? Rude staff, never, ever on-time, crap in-flight seating and service…fly Cathay Pacific and you’ll see the difference and what a decent airline can deliver.

It’s also why I never got the whole populous outrage thing that went on when Qantas was subject to an overseas takeover offer. Good old fashioned xenophobia at work when we all know Qantas needs a serious kick up the arse, and certainly new owners couldn’t do any worse.