Techcrunch under fire

June 22, 2006 — 6 Comments

Looks like Mike Arrington is under attack on two fronts: from Nick Denton’s Valleywag for Text Link Ads sponsorship, and by Adam Kalsey for a Zoho backflip allegedly due to a sponsorship.

I don’t know enough about the Zoho stuff, but the Valleywag attack is complete and utter sh*te. Text Link Ads are a legitimate form of advertising, indeed, you’ll see them over most b5media blogs under “marketplace”, because it’s a cost effective way for advertisers to advertise with us, and yes, they do result in links and traffic to these sites directly from the blogs. I couldn’t say that some people wouldn’t be using this as part of a search engine strategy, but you know, we can’t all hold swish NY socialite parties to get our links now can we Nick?

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6 responses to Techcrunch under fire

  1. Man I just started making money and figuring a few things out and now I have to figure something else out.

  2. If all that Text Link Ads and their advertisers cared about, the ads weould be inserted using Javascript. It’s easier, has a larger pool of potential publishers (more peole can insert javascript than PHP/Perl/ASP/etc), and can provide exactly the same look and traffic to the end user. The ONLY reason for using a server-side language is to make the ad links appear to be an organic part of the web page and therefore influence search rankings.

    In fact, the number one reason that Text Link Ads lists as a reason to advertise with them is: “Text Link Ads are served as static links that can help your natural (organic) search engine rankings.”

    The only difference between this and blog comment spamming is that Text Link Ads is paying the bloggers for polluting their space.

  3. I think there is a world of difference though between black hat seo marketing. search engine spamming techniques and “organic” search engine links, again, we feature this links in a “marketplace” (on most sites that I’m aware of) and highlight them for our visitors to click on, as this is, as far as I’m concerned, what we are being paid for. At the end of the day it’s really no different to me giving a friend a link in a side bar or a post, or even Mike Arrington giving a plug (yet again 🙂 ) to a Web 2.0 company in the post: every link (except naturally comments in WordPress due to link nofollow) is something that search engines pick up: should we stop these as well?

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