Techcrunch under fire

June 22, 2006 — 6 Comments

Looks like Mike Arrington is under attack on two fronts: from Nick Denton’s Valleywag for Text Link Ads sponsorship, and by Adam Kalsey for a Zoho backflip allegedly due to a sponsorship.

I don’t know enough about the Zoho stuff, but the Valleywag attack is complete and utter sh*te. Text Link Ads are a legitimate form of advertising, indeed, you’ll see them over most b5media blogs under “marketplace”, because it’s a cost effective way for advertisers to advertise with us, and yes, they do result in links and traffic to these sites directly from the blogs. I couldn’t say that some people wouldn’t be using this as part of a search engine strategy, but you know, we can’t all hold swish NY socialite parties to get our links now can we Nick?

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