Technorati just made spam blogging a whole lot easier

October 1, 2006

Steve Rubel: Technorati Intros Smarter Blog Search Feeds

Spam blogging just got a whole lot easier. Why rip a feed or two when you can just get a smart topic feed from Technorati on auto pilot and without the need for an account. OK, so they’re part feeds. Guess what, the parsing part from the link to ripping all the content is actually very easy…and no, I’m not doing it, I’m not a programmer, but I know where to look and I’ve seen it work. Having said that though maybe I should set up a style site, after all they all seem legit trading on links going elsewhere, all nicely on autopilot as well. The sky is the limit topic wise, after all, I’d just run a RSS aggregation plugin for WP pulling a Technorati smart feed on the given topic…tweak it so the template is nice, then presto 🙂



2 responses to Technorati just made spam blogging a whole lot easier

  1. I have a company that does just that. Except with other niches. We dont need no smart feeds.