Those poor workers, they’re so poor

April 27, 2007

The SMH reports on some chaps getting the arse from their waterfront jobs.

Here’s some choice quotes:

Mr Copper, 49, who has a mortgage and two young children, said he felt “sick in the guts.” implication being that he now cant pay it

John D’Arcy, 56, who has been at the company for 17 years, said he was annoyed by the way he had been told to leave the work site and was trying to come to terms with looking for a new job to pay his rent of $325 a week.

OK, so losing your job isn’t fun, but putting on the waterworks is a bit rich when you look at this line:

Vopak Terminals Sydney managing director Ron Dickinson …said the workers had all been given redundancies worth between $96,000 and $136,000.

Oh yeah, those families will be going hungry tonight, mortgages wont be paid, rent in arrears…blah, blah blah, blah blah.

Again, these things are never nice, but here’s a company thats rightfully paid out entitlements: not a single worker is going to starve for at least the year ahead, possibly longer, and that’s presuming they’re all going to sit on their arses for the next 12 months and not look for new jobs. Chances are, most of these guys will probably walk into another job within weeks, if they want to, and if the job market isn’t as flash in NSW, they can always hop on a plane to WA, a state where basic truck drivers start on $100k and there’s companies begging for employees of any shape and form.

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