Wii coming soon

September 15, 2006 — 2 Comments

Lots of coverage on the November launch of the Nintendo Wii. No word yet on it’s Australian release date or how much it will cost here, although if it’s $250 in the US you’d guess it would be somewhere between $300-$350 AUD. Obviously the price is a little disappointing, it would have been nicer if it was say $50 USD less, but it does come with a game which is a bonus, after all, we all know how much games costs on modern consoles. You also get two cordless controllers which is all good.

I do have to disagree with Jeremy’s take on it. You’ve heard of beer goggles, here we’ve got geek goggles. Jeremy mate, you aren’t the target market and I doubt you ever will be. Wii is about non-geeks, those that may not own a console currently, who probably a bit like me fell out of love with modern gaming consoles as they became obsessed with blood and gore shot em ups. It’s literally about going back to basics, about embracing fun. I doubt many hardcore gamers will buy the Wii, but lets look at the marketplace, and although these guys drive sales for the 360 and the PS franchise, they are still but a small part of the overall potential market. Nitendo lost the last generation console war…indeed, they lost it big time, coming a distant third to Sony and Microsoft. If you know you can’t compete on hardcore gamers then why try again with your next gen product? Congrats to Nintendo for thinking outside the square on this one, hopefully there will be a pre-Christmas release for the product in Australia and I’ll have one sitting under my Christmas tree 🙂