You cant win them all

May 6, 2007 — 2 Comments

New review up at TechCrunch covering Twitbin. Mixed results in terms of comments, some people love it, some think it shouldn’t have been reviewed.

I’m a conviction writer, if I write about something I’ll do so for two reasons: 1. because it’s topical, and in the case of TechCrunch because it’s in the scope of the sites coverage or 2. because I like it. The later is an interesting one because there’s a smorgasboard of Web 2.0 related products I could be covering: the number of clones and variations on a theme is insane. Of course the way things are covered is a little bit more formal at TC than here, so I couldn’t really say what I’m about to say now.

Twitbin is cool.

It’s not perfect (opening links on a new page is annoying) but I was borderline in terms of giving up on Twitter, I just didn’t have the time nor inclination to be continually flicking back and forwards to it, now it’s inline in Firefox (the 22″ monitor helps) it’s no longer a burden or pain to use.