33 people dead in US Massacre: naturally the Australian press finds an Australian angle

April 17, 2007

Maybe I’m just becoming to cynical, but lets see, 33 people are killed in a Massacre in the US, the Sydney Morning Herald leads with a story that someone from Sydney was studying at this University, who knew someone who wasn’t shot but saw other people shot and pretended to be dead.


I can’t make this stuff up.

To quote from the first paragraph:

A young Sydney woman studying at the US college where a shooting rampage left 33 dead has told how one of her best friends pretended to be dead as bleeding classmates fell on top of him.

Apparently the 33 people who were shot don’t really matter, because they either 1. aren’t Australian or 2. don’t know anyone from Australia.

It gets worse. In two whole pages of content, the lead story I might add, the SMH goes into how the girl received an email that there was a gunman, and how she’d contacted her family in Sydney to let them know she was ok. Again, 33 people killed and the SMH is more interested in the a girl from Sydney and the emails she sent.

Quality Australian journalism at its best.

3 responses to 33 people dead in US Massacre: naturally the Australian press finds an Australian angle

  1. The Australian angle in world news shits me and they usually find the most insignificant link as well. I remember when I heard the news about the girl in Sydney who was, OMG studying at the university! Which is probably huge and has tens of thousands of students and a good chance that one, or more of those students may in fact hold an australian passport of some kind. I thought “there they go.. the Australian angle again” to hell with the rest of the poor sods who got killed – there was an Australian there! Somewhere.

  2. C’mon people.
    So we care about an Australian national, doesn’t mean we care less about the others who were traumatised or indeed those who lost their life. The truth is I, half a world away, was left gutted by the events at Virginia Tech.

    That being said, with regard to the SMH Article. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve asked friends not to tar all Americans with the same brush, let me think how many times I’ve asked others not to tar aussies with the same brush. Yep, that’s a first.

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