A good hard stalk needs a big cold beer, and the best cold beer is Vic….from Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

June 26, 2006

Only in Australia! (via a Socialiteslife)

vbAfter staking out Kidman’s harbourside Sydney house for most of the day, some 20 photographers heard her garage door start to rise and quickly armed themselves with motor-drive cameras.

But instead of a shot of the bride and groom before the wedding day, the paparazzi were met by two women carrying a case of beer and water bottles.

Written on the case of 24 bottles of “Victoria Bitter” beer was a note: “Enjoy!, Nicole and Keith.”

And it seemed the gesture worked, at least temporarily, with the paparazzi thanking their host and enjoying the beer — a universal greeting of friendship in Australia.

It’s also a universal way of getting work done by tradesman as well when you are building a house, I’d think I spent nearly $1,000 pampering the tradies whilst I was getting our house built 🙂

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