A note if you’ve come here due to receiving spam

September 21, 2006

A note if you’ve come here to duncanriley.com due to receiving spam. It isn’t me. I’ve got a catch all on duncanriley.com for incoming email, but aside from one email address there isn’t any others being used. Please don’t send me abusive emails or remove requests, simply, someone is spoofing @duncanriley.com email addresses and sending out rubbish. Think about it some more, if I was going to send spam, which is illegal anyway, would I do it from an email address that included my own name?




4 responses to A note if you’ve come here due to receiving spam

  1. You might 🙂 If someone doesn’t know you I’m not surprised they’d suspect you. Besides being evil soulless and manipulative, a lot of spammers are also stupid. Plus, a lot of people have a real knee jerk reaction to spam.

  2. I had the same thing happen to me a week or two ago. I had catch-all addresses for about 5 domains at DreamHost. One day my Gmail account (where the catch-alls were forwarding to) got hit by thousands of return messages. It didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, so I no longer have the catch-alls active. Gotta love the spammers!

  3. Duncan … I’m shocked that you would stoop so low as to start spamming …. kidding 😉

    Ain’t spammers fun – or to put it another way: the total scum of the earth, no good, sob’s, lazy mofo’s who can’t hack it in the real world of making a reputable living online.

  4. maybe you can get the people complaining to you to forward the spam to you. having the email header to look at might give you an idea what’s going on.