ABC Fucks Up Web Terminology Again

February 24, 2010 — 8 Comments

And this time it doesn’t come from someone called Tony

Hate site targets Trinity’s accused killer

Queensland police are monitoring a social networking site set up to vilify a man charged with the murder of eight-year-old Trinity Bates from Bundaberg.

Except it’s not a social networking site that has been set up, it’s a Facebook group. But wait, later in the article

Within an hour of Slater’s court appearance, more than 300 members had joined the Facebook group.

It’s one thing to completely fuck up web 101 terminology, but it takes a specially inept sort of reporter to contradict herself in the same article 🙂

Of note: it’s a bit of a beat up to begin with. The Facebook group is here. It’s basically people talking about capital punishment for child killers, and a couple of nasty words…the same sort of stuff you’d hear after something like this on say…well…ABC Local Radio 🙂