America proves again why others regard it as stupid

September 11, 2006

Todays the 5th Anniversary of 9/11. Now read this:

CBS Corp. said on Saturday it would broadcast the documentary “9/11” on the Internet as well as the airwaves after several affiliates said they would delay or forgo the award-winning film because it includes profanity.

The documentary was produced by French filmmakers Gedeon and Jules Naudet and retired New York firefighter James Hanlon and has aired twice without incurring fines by U.S. regulators charged with enforcing broadcast decency standards.

CBS said affiliates that cover about 10 percent of the United States had decided not broadcast the program or would show it late at night…The American Family Association, which describes itself as a Christian organisation promoting traditional values, has called on CBS stations to forgo or delay the “9/11” broadcast.

Yep, they don’t want to broadcast what happened at the WTC because, god help us, someone might have actually sworn. And we aren’t talking about a movie, we’re talking about real life.

2 responses to America proves again why others regard it as stupid

  1. Duncan Riley proves again why others regard him as stupid.

    Isn’t America bashing fun. I bet Duncan’s never been there.

    Sure, there are stupid American media outlets. There are also stupid Australian media outlets (Channel 10? A Current Affair?).

    Yes, the American’s beat us in sheer volume of stupid media outlets, but that’s because they beat us in sheer volume of everything. They have 15 times our population.