Are 25-40 year old parents leading the Web 2.0 revolution?

April 21, 2006 — 3 Comments

Just an idle thought. A lot of people I’m talking to online and offline lately involved in Web 2.0 (including some cutting edge blogging stuff) are 25-40 and have young kids. Am I falling into the trap I was always afraid of when I wrote The Blog Herald where I’ve become insular and naturally refined myself to those similar to myself, or is there something more to this? (in case you didn’t know, my new boss will be 4 in August…and that will be 100 metres of track laid thanks daddy).

I mean, really, when you’ve got young children, you shouldn’t be taking risks…right? And yet, more and more people I’ve met are! And its like there’s a majority in the field to some extent. I’ve done no hard figures on this, but I’d think that this demographic seems to be quite over represented as a proportion of the general population.

Share your thoughts. Am I on to something, or do I just need to get out more 🙂