Arrington in Time Top 100

May 2, 2008

This is staggering.

Congrats to Michael on a position well deserved. I cant remember if a blogger has ever made the list before, maybe Drudge but he’s never counted himself as a blogger. It’s perhaps a watershed moment that a Blogger can be counted in the Top 100 most influential people in the world, next to world leaders and uber-celebrities.

I’d say blogging has come of age, but that was really 2004. It’s something big though: a new level of maturity perhaps, an acceptance that blogging and bloggers have a major role in todays media landscape.

I was suppose to be at the Future of Journalism summit in Sydney today but I’ve got too many things on to have made it, but I would have love to have bought this up. Perhaps someone will.

2 responses to Arrington in Time Top 100

  1. Congratulations to Michael, this is quite a milestone.

  2. This is so fantastic to hear. It really is a cool thing to see a blogger top this list and be so deserving of it.

    As I finish my college studies, something like this sends a strong message to my classmates as we prepare for our post graduation careers. The playing field has been blown wide open and in the same manner that this shows how important bloggers are in the media landscape, it shows my classmates the real impact a career as a blogger can have.