Australian Election Update: It smells

November 1, 2007

Side note: I’m loving these point by point posts: it’s liberating. Verbal feedback has been all positive. If you think they suck…well, it’s this or not post at all ,which I’ve done a lot of this year as my external activities (TechCrunch, Gooruze etc) have increased 🙂

1. I’m sick of the election, and so in the Australian public. I smile when I read Crikey suggesting that the Australian print media is remiss in not giving greater coverage to the election: they are merely reflecting the wants of their readership

2. ALP is advertising on TV in Forrest, complete with a local message. They smell blood. They have never advertised in the SW as long as I’ve lived here, and why would they, it’s a safe Liberal seat. Nola “agrarian socialist” Marino the Lib candidate is doing sweat fuck all. Outside of the standard post vote letter all I’ve seen from her is a flyer in my PO Box, that fails to mention she’s a Liberal aside from a small logo right at the back. Very little in the local papers and NOTHING in my letter box. Either she’s not sold the high priced European car to fund the campaign, or head office is saying there’s nothing to worry about…which is the exact same message they gave when she who must be obeyed was the campaign chair for the Libs locally at the last state election…we lost by 10% 🙁

3. Mad Monk Abbott is losing it. You can’t pretend to be friend to the nutter religious types then swear on TV: bullshit might be correct but it’s not in his case

4. Ruddy still isn’t impressive. The Me-tooism is sickening, and yet that’s all he has to do…copy Liberal policy and add a couple of million in for good measure in what one journo on the ABC said today was Me-tooism-plus. Great description

5. My imposed apathy is having evil consequences: I’m seriously thinking about voting green. Not because I like them, god no: they are evil incarnate, but imagine if the Greens ruled Australia: the socialism/ Communism (they are pretty much commies) would drive growth down in Australia, and as a consequence interest rates would follow. Declining interest rates would drive the AUD lower which means I’d make more…which is a good thing! 🙂 An employment poor economy would also drive the price of labour down, so I could hire locally instead of China or India in the future…and that’s a good thing, right? 😉

6. Again: I’m not running for the LDP in Forrest, they asked nicely but I declined. I’ll be voting for them in the senate though. As Reagan said “Government is never the solution, Government is the problem”

7. Still no ITC policy from either party: I should contact them about that.

8. They should run the Reps as an unconference…that would be cool 🙂