Australia’s Next Prime Minister Got Shitfaced And Touched Up Strippers In New York

August 18, 2007

Golden: from the same party that delivered a Prime Minister that held the world record for beer drinking comes Kevin Rudd, potentially (likely) the next Prime Minister of Australia who whilst representing Australia at the UN in 2003 allegedly got so maggoted he visited a strip club and “was warned against touching the dancers” by the management of Scores “Gentleman’s Club”. 

Even more hysterical is Rudd’s denial:

“After dinner, Mr Allan suggested to Mr Snowdon and I that we all go on for a drink. Mr Snowdon and I agreed,” he said.

“By that stage, I had had too much to drink.

“With the benefit of hindsight, I should not have gone on for a further drink.

“Not withstanding the fact that I had had too much to drink, I have no recollection (nor does Mr Snowdon) of any incident occurring at the nightclub – or of being asked to leave.

“It is our recollection that we left within about an hour.”

Short story: he was too pissed to remember. In some ways it actually makes me more likely to vote for him, but I get the feeling some Australian’s wont see it this way. I wonder if this was the big secret story Crikey was alluding to a couple of months back.

Spot reference: Rudds New York trip cost taxpayers $18k. I wonder if he claimed for the money he placed in the strippers g-strings? 🙂

8 responses to Australia’s Next Prime Minister Got Shitfaced And Touched Up Strippers In New York

  1. Glenn Milne trying to embarrass someone about being drunk in public is the height of hypocrisy. At least Rudd didn’t try to assault Stephen Mayne at a televised awards night.

  2. For $18K, he should have brought one of the ladies back with him so his future constituants could ‘get a feel’ for what gentlemens clubs are like ‘abroad.’

    Ok, in all seriousness, politicians are humans just like everyone else but, they should really avoid situations like this by showing some restraint, even after having a few drinks.

    After all, what sort of image is this lack of willpower and self control showing? Will he be able to gain control of more serious situations regarding running the country? His people will be wondering…

    Bring wetnaps to his baby-kissing, handshaking rallies 😉

  3. It’s funny when you are traveling overseas, when the only news on Australia you see is a story about a future PM visiting a strip club. They couldn’t remember much about the night but somehow they knew they were there for less than an hour. When you are drunk 1 hour of time is more like about 4-5 hours.

  4. Allison McDonough August 27, 2007 at 9:41 pm

    Thank you!

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