Big Brother meltdown

July 2, 2006 — 2 Comments

If you haven’t caught the news yet, Big Brother Australia is under a huge amount of fire at the moment following an incident of sexual harassment, or sexual assault depending on which report you read, where Big Brother contestant John pinned Camilla down on her bed whilst contestant Ashley whacked her on the face with his manhood.

Whilst not condoning the incident for one minute, their eviction from the house (the right thing for the producers to do) has caused meltdown amongst the so-called protectors of Australian morals, with calls for the show to be shut down completely.

It’s hard to get a full grasp as to what is happening because the Big Brother website itself is currently displaying this message:

big brother

And the biggest of the independent fan forums is also having problems with traffic as well:


What we do know is this:

According to Behind Big Brother, Senator Helen Coonan has spoken to the Australian Communication and Media Authority to determine if Endemol Southen Star have breached broadcast codes of practice for letting the incident be shown on internet streams and Opposition leader Kim Beazley has made a statement recommending Channel 10 make this season of Big Brother the last.

Police are investigating the incident, and naturally the do-gooders of the Family First Party are calling for charges.

Rumors on other sites indicate everything from the show not going to air tonight (eviction night) through to Ash returning to the house Tuesday.

It’s just a shame that the imbecile element of Australian politics is using this as an excuse to bash this style of television once more. At the end of the day it’s time for reasonable people to stand up and say that if we don’t like this style of television we wont watch…and politicians should have no role in it…now if only we had a 1st amendment.

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Update: The Big Brother website now has an official post stating that the show will go on, and reports also indicated that Camilla has been interviewed by police but will not be pressing charges.