Big Brother Turkey Slap: the video

July 3, 2006

Want to see what the controversy is about: here it is!
(note, whilst there is no clear nudity some may deem this NSFW).

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Update: looks like Channel Ten got the video yanked from YouTube, new copy above.

24 responses to Big Brother Turkey Slap: the video

  1. hi duncan
    this movie isnt working

  2. Strange, it is here? anyone else not see it, I thought Channel 10 might try to get it removed from YouTube…

  3. OMG, that’s sick. but it seems like she knew it was going to happen grabed jhon’s penis.

  4. Looks like they have removed it from the zippy site also

  5. hey thats kool,i wanted to see wat went on but i think that big brother has over reacted big time like iv seen worse shit than that

  6. yeah that is fair bullshit she knew was happening and didn’t say no once, she even stayed with them after it happened so get over it i say big brother you poonce….ha ha poonce, deffinate over- reaction.

  7. yeah that is fair bullshit she knew was happening and didn’t say no once, she even stayed with them after it happened so get over it i say big brother you poonce….ha ha poonce, deffinate over- reaction.

  8. It might not be a big thing but it was an Sexual advance and if she had complained could be prosecuted as sexual asault. I’m disapointed that BB is getting so much publicity out of the whole thing.

  9. Doug ur a fag and that was not even bad omg ive everyone has turkey slapped someone at one point or another c’mon people were in the 2000s its allll good

  10. Doug ur a fukwit, Col’s bloody well right she knew full well b4 hopping into bed that she was goign to be turkey slapped or farted on or worse!!

  11. garry from australia!!! July 8, 2006 at 4:03 pm

    dat was soo fukin funny man us ppl in australia do heaps of funny shit not like dose other big brothers in the rest of the world BET THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SOOCEROOS!!!!!!!

  12. do u want a fuckin tissue rob???? stop ya sookin everybody, u 2 doug, if u all think it is such a big deal with this turkey slappin then watch something else ya pussys, she didn’t care, she knew it was gonna happen, and then after it happened she laughed her head off, then grabbed jons dick and stayed in bed with them. stop bitchen….all u bitches(eg; doug and rob)

  13. aussie ponces all of em. i wouldda made her suck it lol

  14. i think that it was stupid how john and ash got kicked out of the big brother house, for doing some harmless fun especially wen she didnt give a shit. i wish people would stop talking about it, and get over it

  15. Hearing of the furore from overseas (NZ) I assumed this was a serious sexual assualt. With the Australian PM calling for the show to be axed and international media going into overdrive, it seemed by all accounts the girl had been in position where she was overpowered by two burley Aussie Alpha males intent on asserting their dominance. Instead it appears to show three knowing and willing participants, with the girl being entirley in control of the situation at all times. Essentially 3 horned up 20 somethings, bored, in a gameshow, with nothing better to do. Isn’t this why big Bother exists, for exactly this kind of thing?

  16. I like rice, i like rice, rice rice rice, rice is nice..

  17. The essential components of a time machine is of course: the flux capasiter… Does anyone know how many gigwats it takes to power one?? Class???

  18. I still cant find a copy of the video but yeah its craziness! They should NOT have been kicked out! Do you think that if a girl had’ve rubbed her boobed in a bolkes face that this wouldve happened!!?? No! And how about last year when on BB a housemate flopped his dick out onto a girl while she sat at the dining table, this was replayed on Adults only, and never caused a stir. Its just crap that they had to leave, poor harmless guys! One of those guys could’ve won!


  20. SLICE HIS DICK OFF August 21, 2006 at 12:34 am

    This will shock some, but I stand for countless women who feel the same so read carefully. This is an important issue and it’s got to be voice, whether it’s pleasant or not.
    Most women are pissed off with the prevalence of sexual abuse and men getting away with it. Is it about 1 in every 4 women that have been raped? And then the countless other victims who are too humiliated to report it.

    If a man holds down a girl and slaps her with his dick, it’s bullying, sexual aggression, and against her will, otherwise they wouldn’t have to hold her down!! And 2 of them? cowards!
    It’s sad that the group attitude also bullies her into apologising for being a victim, or they won’t approve of her. Confirm or be alienated.
    Hold her down, slap her with your dirty dick on national TV to add some extra humiliation, say she willingly came to a bedroom, as if that presents her as more of a slut… it’s an act of sexual violence.
    Some men resent women for just having the power to not have sex with them. so men rape to destroy her and control.
    My advice to the girl is to sue Big Brother and sue the 2 drop kicks who shamed her and her family. No girl wants to be seen like that. If later she takes a career in a public position, she has a tarnished image, and the price of that is very high.
    Guys, be careful, because if you’d done it to a lot of other women, like me, you’d have your throat slit. I’d be happy to cut your dick off. I am not psychologically disturbed, I work in child protection services, in fact. I am your average woman.
    The world would be a much better place without you.
    I encourage all girls who have been victim to male bullying to fight to the death. Refuse to hush up to not “disturb the peace”
    These guys are powerless cowards inside, which is why they go for someone they think is weak, has low self-esteem and who they think they will let them get away with it.
    They’re even more cowardly to do it in groups.
    Any girl who had this happen to them, I’d be happy to help. Write back.
    Call them out, sue them, make them pay, whatever it takes, because they so enjoy ‘conquering’ a weak victim, they’ll do it again, you count on it. Report it and make a fuss about it to save it happening to another innocent girl, and to change Australia’s tolerance for this bullshit.
    I am amazed at how poorly women are treated in Australia. and it’s even more appalling that people would see this as funny, and not stand behind the girl it happened to. When the victim has to apologise for being bullied and humiliated on national TV, it’s pretty sad.
    slap her with your dick while holding her down, and what next, if you were somewhere noone could help her- put it in her mouth? force her to have sex?
    Girls, fight back, even if you know they’re stronger. A fierce attitude will scare off a bully. And if there’s a knife around, slice it off and call the police. It’s definitely self-defense.
    Guys, don’t want that to happen? then don’t force your dick on any girl!!! Will you be laughing when the blood’s running down your leg

  21. Although this behaviour in tehnically wrong I am the wife of a wonderful loving father who has had his life ruined by a similar act. After pinching a 22 year old women on the bum to which she reacted by laughing and flirting with him he was charged with indecent assult and is now a registered sex offeneder ruining his chances of following his dream of helping the indigenous community enter and complete tafe courses. If women don’t want to participate in these sort of adult jokes they should behave in such a manner which allows these cercumstances to occur. Wake up we are all adults. Don’t flirt if you don’t want to be flirted with, keep your hands to yourself if you don’t want to be touched!! People only react to what they see and exspect is going to be ok!!!

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