Big Brother Turkey Slap Transcript

July 3, 2006 — 12 Comments

In case the video of the Big Brother Turkey Slap indecent is yanked from YouTube (currently available here), here’s a full transcript of the incident (as I viewed it anyway).

Length: 1:57

Start: general discussion
0:08: Video on Camilla in bed, John and Ash call from across the room “Cam come here”. Camilla responds “what”.
0:10: Camilla: “what are you doing”, starts to hop out of bed
0:11: as hoping out of bed Camilla says “you aren’t going to fart on me, are ya”, Ash reponds “nup”.
0:17 Camilla is now about to hop into bed with Ash and John, she asks “did you just fart?”
0:18-0:24: Camilla hops on top of the boys, unclear is she saying anything but Ash is head saying “we’re not doing anything..seriously”.
0:28: John says to Camilla: “lie down, shut your eyes”.
Should note, lots of giggling from all 3 at this stage
0:30-0:35: Ash says “lie down, shut your eyes”. Camilla responds (giggling): “You’re not going to turkey slap me are you?”…laughter, Ash says “no”, Camilla responds (laughing) “You are, aren’t you…you liars” as she hops under the covers of the bed (saying also “let me in”). Ash is head say “naarrr” whilst laughing.
0:42-0:44: Camilla, hoping under the covers and John puts is arm around her (note, she is by no means pinned down). Camilla says (laughing) “I hurt you if you do…I’ll bite it”
0:45-0:50: lots of laughing for all 3, John’s arm is around Camilla, but she is by no means “pinned down”.
0:50-0:54: Ash moves towards Camilla
0:55-0:57: Ash turkey slaps Camilla…Camilla is laughing hysterically, as are the boys
0:58-1:01: more laughing, Ash sits back, Camilla saying “shit” whilst laughing her head off
1:04: Camilla says something as she sits up, not clear.
1:06: Krystal (I think) yells out “what happened”. Camilla responds “I just got turkey slapped”. Lots of laughter.
1:10 Camilla goes to lie down back on the bed. John says he “needs a hand” then puts his hand below the sheets towards his groin. Camilla says “naaaaaar”.
1:13: Camilla says “you guys are so mean to me”.
1:14: Ash says “it was funny though”. Camilla says “your mean”.
1:18: Claire says something in the background that is hard to determine due to the laughing, ends in “if you don’t like it”…someone else yells “bite it off”.
1:22: Camilla says “that was soo mean”
1:25-1:28: Camilla clearly grabs Johns you know what. John yells “fuck off!”.

And that’s pretty much it. Camilla starts talking to John and Ash and remains in the bed, seemingly not upset in the least about the incident.

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