Big Brother Turkey Slap Transcript

July 3, 2006

In case the video of the Big Brother Turkey Slap indecent is yanked from YouTube (currently available here), here’s a full transcript of the incident (as I viewed it anyway).

Length: 1:57

Start: general discussion
0:08: Video on Camilla in bed, John and Ash call from across the room “Cam come here”. Camilla responds “what”.
0:10: Camilla: “what are you doing”, starts to hop out of bed
0:11: as hoping out of bed Camilla says “you aren’t going to fart on me, are ya”, Ash reponds “nup”.
0:17 Camilla is now about to hop into bed with Ash and John, she asks “did you just fart?”
0:18-0:24: Camilla hops on top of the boys, unclear is she saying anything but Ash is head saying “we’re not doing anything..seriously”.
0:28: John says to Camilla: “lie down, shut your eyes”.
Should note, lots of giggling from all 3 at this stage
0:30-0:35: Ash says “lie down, shut your eyes”. Camilla responds (giggling): “You’re not going to turkey slap me are you?”…laughter, Ash says “no”, Camilla responds (laughing) “You are, aren’t you…you liars” as she hops under the covers of the bed (saying also “let me in”). Ash is head say “naarrr” whilst laughing.
0:42-0:44: Camilla, hoping under the covers and John puts is arm around her (note, she is by no means pinned down). Camilla says (laughing) “I hurt you if you do…I’ll bite it”
0:45-0:50: lots of laughing for all 3, John’s arm is around Camilla, but she is by no means “pinned down”.
0:50-0:54: Ash moves towards Camilla
0:55-0:57: Ash turkey slaps Camilla…Camilla is laughing hysterically, as are the boys
0:58-1:01: more laughing, Ash sits back, Camilla saying “shit” whilst laughing her head off
1:04: Camilla says something as she sits up, not clear.
1:06: Krystal (I think) yells out “what happened”. Camilla responds “I just got turkey slapped”. Lots of laughter.
1:10 Camilla goes to lie down back on the bed. John says he “needs a hand” then puts his hand below the sheets towards his groin. Camilla says “naaaaaar”.
1:13: Camilla says “you guys are so mean to me”.
1:14: Ash says “it was funny though”. Camilla says “your mean”.
1:18: Claire says something in the background that is hard to determine due to the laughing, ends in “if you don’t like it”…someone else yells “bite it off”.
1:22: Camilla says “that was soo mean”
1:25-1:28: Camilla clearly grabs Johns you know what. John yells “fuck off!”.

And that’s pretty much it. Camilla starts talking to John and Ash and remains in the bed, seemingly not upset in the least about the incident.

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12 responses to Big Brother Turkey Slap Transcript

  1. heyyy

    i think no harm was done just a bit of muckin round! they shld of let them stay in the house she wasn tpinned dwn n they didnt do anythin that bad..

    yh thats wat i think

    bye xo

  2. He slapped his dk against her face ….. nothing wrong with that !!!!! WHAT.
    She was not laughing and she was pinned down at the point when it happened.

    It is national television and the rules are very very clear. They deserve everything they get.
    I have watched it over and over. her face was clearly held firmly and she didn’t ask for it to happen. It is a crime. whether you agree or not, in a court of law it is still a crime.
    I don’t make the laws in this country.

  3. Transcript is inaccurate in all ways. Shame on you Duncan.

    At the end it is clear to me that Camilla tweaked John’s nipple as John said “my nipple, fuck off”. To say she grabbed his penis is ridiculous.

  4. A young woman may, or may not, have been violated, within a culture which celebrates what cultivates malecentric engineered behaviour, although our “right” to watch what we want is what matters, right?
    Misogynist twerp!

  5. i think that everyone gets a good turkey slapping every now and then… its a part of life
    her turkey slapping just happened to get caught on camera… which i thin should b a lesson to all those who didnt no how to turkey slap… they will now learn from the best…


  6. heya

    i have watched the video a millon times bcoz i loved john and ash they were gorjuz……when they called her over in the middle of the night laughing she must of known that they wanted her help with their kinky games lol she went over there not saying no they did not force her.

    she was happy to get into the bed and she was laughing and having fun joking around when they turkey slapped her i think that if the boys had to leave the house she should have gone too she was involved and its not fair if only they went

    well theres my opinon

    luv ya jess x0x0x0x0x0x0x

  7. WTF?! the wholw incident was quite light-hearted and everyone involved was having a laugh. How the f**k is that sexual abuse?! If that transcript is accurate Camilla should be removed from the house by the same token – she had grabbed John’s genitals clearly against his will (1:25-1:28: Camilla clearly grabs Johns you know what. John yells ?¢‚Ǩ?ìfuck off!?¢‚Ǩ¬ù).

  8. thanks for this. Now i know what a turkey slap is. yes he should have had his genitals cut off and she needs her tongue removed.

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