Big Brother twist: Camilla wanted to be Turkey Slapped

July 7, 2006

With the storm in the tea cup still raging, Behind Big Brother reports on a as yet unconfirmed rumour that prior to the Turkey Slapping incident, Camilla was recorded saying the previous day that she wanted to be Turkey Slapped….that’s right, she actually asked for it! Puts a whole different perspective on it, doesn’t it.



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  1. Before i kick off, I should note that I’m a guy, not a girl, so this is no feminist-mumbo-jumbo rant…just common sense


    Um, what difference does it make if she said she wanted it the night before???

    Does that mean that if a girl SAYS she would like to sleep with a guy then that guy is entitled to force himself upon her even if she says don’t do it when the moment arises?

    It’s retards like you that make retards like Jon and Ash think that its OK to hold down a girl and slap her face with their penis.

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  1. PerthNorg - August 3, 2006

    […] Bric reckons his struggling financially and Cox claims he’s nearly had his ute repossesed with BB unwilling to compensate them for the time they were in the house. Bric even goes on to describe his situation as not unlike that in Orwell’s book 1984 (which he says the show is based on) where those who break the rules are excluded from society. Advertisment “It’s like we never existed,” he laments. A Channel 10 spokesperson claimed Bric and Cox were treated?Ç in accordance with new regulations that were put in place after last year’s complaints of the treatment of female contestants. Problem is Camilla apparently still thinks the boys are loveable … and according to Bunbury Blogger Duncan Riley wanted to be turkey slapped. I’m sure the boys are nice lads and they have been put through the media mill, but the fact that Camilla wanted to be held down and have a crotch rubbed into her face doesn’t make the saga any better. In fact it makes it more seedy. Maybe Channel 10 can work one some regulations that evicts female contestants for letting down the sisterhood … it’s like we never existed… […]