Bigpong still smells

November 3, 2006

Benjamin Haslem writes at Corporate Engadget about experiencing poor customer service from Foxtel, and suggests that it’s evidence that Telstra’s pathetic customer service.

I’ve got relatives here who just moved house: Telstra for phone and Telstra Bigpong for the net. The phone went across ok, but the stupid thing is, despite both the line and the net connection being owned by Telstra, you can’t book your ADSL move until after the new phone service is put on, and then you’ve got to wait a minimum of 3 days. It got worse, the ADSL goes on and it didn’t work. Now I’d note we’re talking same phone number, same exchange for the connection, indeed they literally moved 3 street down in the same suburb. So Telstra blames my relatives and tells them that their ADSL modem must be stuffed and they should buy a new one. $170 later, they’ve got a new one….and the ADSL still doesn’t work. Telstra continues to state that it’s their fault, and nothing is wrong. So thankfully I tell them to get onto Telstra Countrywide locally, these guys are about the only decent and good people working for Telstra. Next day a technician comes out and tests the line: guess what, somethings wrong in the exchange, it’s a provisioning problem! So now it’s nearly two weeks, they are $170 out of pocket, and they still don’t have internet access, and Telstra is unable to tell them how long it will take to be fixed!


I’ve still got Bigpond ADSL under contract till May 07, but I don’t use it, got myself a nice 2mb Cable connection. Phones are still with Telstra, need to change that now that I’m not moving house again any time soon.

And while I’m at it: bring on the privitisation! All this BS about Telstra getting worse in private hands. Rubbish: no self respecting, proper private company provides this level of service. Scary thing is though: once upon a time it was actually worse, but maybe I’m showing my age, because I can still remember dealing with them when they were Telecom and 100% owned by the Federal Government. Think Centrelink but with your phone connection.

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  1. I am going home for a while and trying to get my family to sign up for ADSL. Fibre in Japan costs 50 bucks a month/unlimited download. How I am going to live without it.

    Any recommendations if BP arent any good?