Bleg: Please browser makers, show a where the audio is coming from button

January 27, 2009 — 11 Comments

I’ll admit it: I’m a tab fiend. I switched away from IE6 to Firefox all those years ago (when I was still a Windows user) for tabs. Tabs were, and still are the miracle of the modern internet. They allow you to open content and come back to it later.

In my case, that’s opening content in Google Reader that I might want to read in full later, or even post about. On a busy day, that can be as high as 40-50 tabs…which is also why I do my reading in Safari today, even if I do my posting and stats work in Firefox, Safari is more stable.

But I digress. The problem I have today is with audio. Sometimes I’ll open a tab (and they’re opened in the background, not upfront) and it will play music. Sometimes which ones are obvious, for example with auto-playing video. But many other times it’s not so obvious, and if you have dozens of tabs open, it’s hard to identify where the audio is coming from, if you can at all.

Numerous times lately I’ve just had to turn off sound because I couldn’t find the source, which is where browser makers come in. Please, please add a tab, or icon, or something to identify the source of audio on webpages. It’s all I ask, honestly (well aside from FF stability).