Blogdesk Button

June 1, 2006

For those people who read my earlier post about Blogdesk and love it as much as I do (it’s the first time I’ve ever used a 3rd party blogging tool for longer than a day, and it’s been 6-8 weeks now!) I’ve done up a button you can put up at your site to help Johannes out in promoting the product:


There are some smaller buttons here as well on the BlogDesk site, but I was looking for something bigger, so I made it!

If you are running Windows, blogging, and haven’t given BlogDesk a spin yet, get it here. It’s by far the best blogging tool I’ve ever used, and until now I’ve pretty much disliked 3rd party blogging tools full stop. Image editing, Technorati Tags, spell check and much more. Trust me on this one, even people who don’t like me (Hi Martin!) have agreed with me that this is a bloody great tool! And yes, I’m NOT being paid for this, nor have I been asked to promote it. Honest to god truth, this tool saves me 30 minutes minimum every day by NOT having to use Photoshop to edit photos. Give it a try.


One response to Blogdesk Button

  1. BlogDesk really owns, my blogging experience has been made a lot better.

    Check out my full review on it if you are interested.