Blogging the Media Connect Influence Conference

September 10, 2006 — 4 Comments

Day 1. Some 24 hours after leaving the end of the world and I find myself in The Hunter Valley, NSW for the Media Connect Influence Conference, with a presentation to make on blogging in a bit over 60 minutes that I haven’t written yet. 🙂

The first session was Web 2.0. Unfortunately if this was representative of Web 2.0 in Australia we are in deep, deep you know what. I actually felt sorry for 2 of the 4 speakers. The first guy was so far out of his depth it was embarassing. I got up and asked him a question about how his company was embracing Web 2.0 after he’d basically explained a business model roughly based on Amazon in 1995. His only response was that his company offered…an affiliate program! Oh well…

The highlight though was Ross Dawson from Advanced Human Technologies, excellent 5 minute speech, indeed the only speaker of the 4 who concentrated on what I’d actually consider to be Web 2.0. Of course, having had about 4 hours sleep when Ross introduced himself to me prior to the presentation I responded like I had no idea who he was, despite the fact that not only have I read his blog I’ve also exchanged several emails with him over the years. Sorry Ross. But back to the speech, Ross spoke on the rise of user filtered content and the tools and companies seeking to gain audience share in the long tail…now if only Ross was the keynote speaker as opposed to being 1 of 4 🙂

Anyhow back to planning my little session on blogging, and touch wood I don’t get ripped to shreads like the poor chap from Poker Starts did in the previous session….jeez, some people really, really don’t like online gambling 🙂

More soon.
PS: I’ve got no spell checker so please be kind. Firstly my typing on a laptop sucks completely, secondly I’m lost without my BlogDesk spellchecker.