Bye Bye Satelitte

February 22, 2008

This is fairly amazing. Next step has to be a meteor or comet you’d think

2 responses to Bye Bye Satelitte

  1. Great video, still hasn’t gotten boring… hehehe.

    I think a good next step would be some pioneering efforts to efficiently clean up the dangerous envelope of space debris we are increasingly surrounding ourselves with… you know we have littered orbit far too much when shuttle launch/reentry must be scheduled around the trash… (many pieces of which are analogous to launching a missile at the shuttle itself..)

    less space garbage, more space garbage trucks… (and no, we dont need Dennis Hopper driving the space truck… 😉 hehehe)

  2. Amazing. And imagine how pissed off the Chinese would’ve been if they’d hit the wrong sattelite 😉