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One of the cool things I’m finding with Second Life + voice is its ability to act as a virtual meeting place, not unlike getting together with a few people at a bar and having a chinwag.

On Saturday, TPN Island hosted about 20 people in a chat on everything ranging to politics, Podcamp, Second Life itself and some other stuff in between.

It was a totally spontaneous meetup as well. I noticed Cam Reilly and Nick Hodge were there so I teleported in and Twittered it, then the crowd grew from there. I can’t put names to everyone who was there, but I know a lot of the folks either via Twitter or through my Web 2.0 + WA connections (or both).

The key was voice. Think a Skype conference call but with virtual visualization and with more ppl: certainly Skype would struggle to handle that many people on a call, where Second Life handled it really, really well.

Pics on Flickr for those interested.

Picture 13