Catfight….catfight….J-Cal v Denton!

April 1, 2006

I couldn’t help but call it this way, this quote from Jason Calacanis (unfortunately I think I signed away all the rights to cute pictures of cats doing kungfu when I sold The Blog Herald).

Denton calls out SixApart. I’m so glad I trusted Brian when he insisted that we create Blogsmith as the foundation of Weblogs, Inc. If we had put our faith in those guys we would still be on blog number 10 or 15–like Nick is!

One response to Catfight….catfight….J-Cal v Denton!

  1. well… I don’t think Nick wanted to do as many titles as we did to be honest. He said he wanted to do 20 I think….. if he didn’t have tech problems with MT constantly he prob. would have launched his ~15 quicker and/or gotten to 20-25 blogs i’m sure.