Computerworld Late To April Fools

April 9, 2008 — 10 Comments

Five reasons why Vista beats Mac OS X from Preston Gralla. ZOMG.

Reason one: Vista runs more software

True, but “here’s where Mac OS X falls short. It can’t run much common software, including enterprise applications and games” calls for a major WTF. Since switching to Apple 12 months ago I’ve never longed for one piece of Windows software. Vista may have more software but Mac software works better, end of story.

Reason Two: Vista is safer

So apparently hackers can crack OSX quicker than Vista. Big fucking deal. I don’t have a virus scanner running in Leopard, find me a Windows user who doesn’t and hasn’t had their system taken over. “Safer” is subjective: running a Mac is always a safer choice for the end user, end of story.

Reason Three: It’s the money, stupid

The old Mac’s cost more argument is apparently a reason to go with Vista. Here’s the thing: Mac’s may cost more up front (and not that much, 7-16% depending on the machine compared to a PC with similar specs) but it’s the marginal cost of using Apple products over the life of the computer, not at the point of purchase that counts. Simply you pay a little more up front but save that money in spades by not having to maintain the system. Every hour spent maintaining a PC has an opportunity cost so therefore it has a measurable cost as well.

Reason Four: The Mac is closed; Vista is open

True, but the quality control because of this is priceless. Besides, when was the last time Apple sued anyone for a Hackintosh system?

Reason Five: Two words — Steve Jobs

I don’t get this point at all. Why is Steve Job’s evidence that Vista is better than Windows? Is it because he doesn’t monkey dance like Microsoft’s Steve Balmer?

So far the comments on the post at ComputerWorld are going 100% against the post, and rightly so. As I said on Twitter, this is the most retarded thing I’ve read this year.