comScore, Techcrunch ignore Skype as an IM

July 25, 2006

Interesting post over at Techcrunch today on the latest IM usage figures…but both the figures from comScore, and Techcrunch themselves totally ignore one IM client: and that’s Skype.

I use Skype as my IM client, and so do most people I know. Why, well first and foremost everyone actually uses their real names: makes it a whole lot easier communicating with people when you know who you’re instant messaging with, + obviously the voice functionality, although most other clients provide this as well, it’s just that Skype is the default for voice for most people these days, at least in the blogging/ Web 2.0 field.

But I digress: you can’t have a serious analysis of IM without include Skype in those figures. I’d be interested to here if other people use Skype in the same way as I do…I may be a little biased because it’s become a defacto communications system for b5media, but still…it’s a great IM app.



4 responses to comScore, Techcrunch ignore Skype as an IM

  1. I use Skype primarily as my secondary IM client and my primary VOIP client.

    In order of usage:

  2. Mike\’s comment at Techcrunch:
    \”Duncan, I do too, but its what we have from Comscore.\”
    But Mike, why didn\’t you say \”why wasn\’t skype in this list\”?????

  3. Sorry guys, I’ve got no idea where these’s / came from, Ive edited the comment, and yet still they come up.

  4. bugger, Ive edited it twice, what the F is going on here?