Congrats to Shiny Media

February 1, 2007

Andy Merrett at The Blog Herald covers a $4.5 million investment into UK blogging network Shiny Media. Insert the old fogy sound here as I remember when Shiny Media consisted of all but one blog, but a good one at that. Congrats to the team at Shiny, $4.5m @ 50% sounds like a reasonable, fair and equitable investment for a blog network, and as some one who has been following your progress for a number of years, I know that it is well deserved. But one question: Real English or US English on your blogs? it’s the 99 million dollar question 🙂



One response to Congrats to Shiny Media

  1. Hmm, generally real English as most of the contributors are British or Australian – not all though. I expect the odd Americanism has slipped in here and there.