Crowded House alternative? now things are getting strange

September 26, 2005

Its the Queens Birthday long weekend here, so I’m sitting at home doing some site scripting, fixing the wifes laptop, and a few other things, and I think to myself: why not put on some music. So I fire up Winamp (the AOL Music/ Winamp music and video lists are first rate) and I’m flicking through some of the WinAmp music sites and what do I find under alternative: Crowded House. God I must be getting old if younger generations consider Crowded House alternative. I’m still loving it though, maybe if they are alternative they must be cool again. The love never died for me. Now if only Paul Hester hadn’t done himself in I could grow old and attend reunion concerts like all those other bands from the 80’s seem to be indulging in now. Sad really. One band that for me wrote music that will be timeless.