Design Challenge

July 5, 2007

I’ve long since known that the template I’m running here at isn’t up to scratch, I’ve tried implementing another template but that lasted about 2 days; it was simply an abject failure.

I need a new template. One that is fairly unique. I want a 3 column setup with a very unique header and room to run, in at least one sidebar stuff like my Flickr photos and other widgets, say TechCrunch posts, Facebook stuff, Twitter posts etc.

The offer is open. I could probably go on to Scriptlance and get this done but I’d rather open it to readers. I’m willing to pay for a new and unique template; having been a judge of the WA Web Awards, I really think that with a good template I should be a candidate myself next year. Naturally the designer will get a post + permanent links for X time, essentially as long as I use the template.

Email me: nichenet @ gmail. com if you’re interested. Max $1k US please, I don’t wont to be tight but on the same token this site makes less than $100US a month, so it needs to be fair to that. I’m happy to provide sample sites that I like for inspiration.

3 responses to Design Challenge

  1. ‘Bout time you get yourself your very own theme, Duncan! You know where to find me if you’re interested. 🙂

  2. I’d be willing to do a free cutline theme mod for ya. Ping me if you want. 3 column works. You’ve got me skype and email.

  3. Hey Duncan, Don, here, I have just migrated from a template to a custom design job, that has a heavy CMS driven footprint. Come take a look, and do tell me what you think. would love your opinion

    It has thus far cost me more then 2 gs aussie, however am using it as my primary platform for 2/3 other products that I am rolling out over the next 3 month period. I will then merely overlay the branding aspects over the top.

    There are two more gradual revisons to roll out, the first on the viral/content syndication aspects and the second on the muti-media broadcast elements.

    Am gearing up for a major hit out before the federal election 2007.