Don’t believe in free markets? Visit Hong Kong

November 12, 2006

I’m standing here typing this in the Departures lounge at Hong Kong Airport. One word to say about about Hong Kong:
Free markets not only work, they rock. I only wish I wasn’t about to hop on another plane to North America. Absolutely mind blowing amazing. My only gripe, the main shops don’t open to late on Sundays. Can’t ein em all. I’ll be back here in nearly 2 weeks, maybe less if I can juggle it. The clocks ticking on the paid internet booth so time to go, but HK: recommended.

One response to Don’t believe in free markets? Visit Hong Kong

  1. Hong Kong?! Oh yeah. My better half is from there, and I love to visit my in-laws every now and then. Well, actually not the in-laws, but just the shopping malls 🙂

    On the other hand there is little you can do on that small piece of land beside shopping. Disney Land? Ocean World? Not interested.