Finally The Whole Indian Racist Attack Thing Might Be Over

February 27, 2010 — Leave a comment

The Age: Most attacks on Indians not racial: report

One in seven assaults on Indians in Australia in the past 14 months has been racially motivated, an Indian government report claims.

But here’s the kicker which The Age completely ignores:

A list collated by the Indian high commission in Canberra and tabled in the Indian Parliament, records 152 assaults on Indians in Australia since the start of last year.

The 152 is a very significant number, because the assault rate in Australia is (according to NationMaster) 702 per 100,000 people.

According to Wikipedia, there are 235,000 people of “Indian origin” living in Australia.

If the 152 figure is correct, that’s an assault rate of 66 people per 100,000.

Indians are assaulted in Australia at a rate 10 times less than the “average” person.

Does that sound like a racist crime wave to you? Indian media, does that sound like Indian students are being singled out vs non-Indian residents.

Let me repeat that: the assault rate against people of Indian origin living in Australia would appear, at least according to an INDIAN GOVERNMENT REPORT to be more than 10x less than the average in Australia.

Game over.