Fred for President

May 1, 2007 — 1 Comment

fredNot many Australians would have been following this, but I’ve been watching for a while now, for those who have missed it, Fred Thompson, best known to Australians as the District Attorney Arthur Branch on Channel Tens Law and Order franchise, who also just happens to be a former Governor of Tennessee, is considering putting his hat in the ring to be the Republican candidate for US President in 2008. The latest here at Politico. From an outsiders perspective (ie non-American) there’s something somewhat appealing about him running, his character on Law and Order is said to be based on his actual persona, a number of the profile pieces and interviews I’ve read seem to suggest he’s a straight talker, although having said that he’s on the right in terms of the Republican Party, saying really stupid things such as the VT Massacre would have been avoided had Virginia allowed people to carry guns on campus (more guns is the solution? WTF?), and yet as a character he holds the promise of a Regan Presidency, one of substance and decisive measure. One to watch.