Free Wifi @ Perth Airport

June 13, 2007

Now here’s a pleasant change, free WiFi in Western Australia! WiFi is now free in the Qantas Domestic terminal at Perth Airpoirt…least I’ve connected to it for free. Download speed is around 500kps, not super fast but usable. The start of a bigger trend perhaps? We can only hope. I’m looking forward to getting online tonight at the Windsor in Melbourne and seeing how much a 5 star hotel gouges my wallet for internet access; free WiFi at hotels is still a foreign, or as the case may be American concept for the Australian hotel industry. Back to dreaming now….looking at hundreds of people queue for the flight and preparing myself for over 4 hours offline 🙂

5 responses to Free Wifi @ Perth Airport

  1. Is this still the case, or is it only on certain devices? I tried to access it yesterday on my Nintendo DS, and it connected fine, but I couldn't surf any pages without it taking me to a give-us-some-money-now link.

  2. this is news to me. Hopefully more airports will follow. All hotels and airports should offer free wifi.

  3. Airpot wifi= golden

  4. Airpot wifi= golden

  5. Airpot wifi= golden