Guest Posting on Mashable

July 1, 2008 — 3 Comments

Just a quick shout out to Pete Cashmore with thanks for giving me the opportunity to guest post on occasion on Mashable. My first post is up today, covering Melbourne based Copper Project from Element Software.

If you like, think of this as my community service (I’m not being paid). I’m passionate about Australian startups and although I’m always happy to write about them on The Inquisitr, there are standouts that deserve a bigger audience than I can deliver. Until recently that audience was on another site, but now it’s Mashable, as long as Pete and Adam are happy to have me. I’d note that this doesn’t mean I can write about every Australian startup that comes across my desk (I can’t), but if you’re an Australian startup who has interesting news, or even a story to tell, ping me and I can certainly consider it, for either The Inquisitr or Mashable.