How to get listed on TechCrunch for $20

March 28, 2007 — 6 Comments

Amazing. Simply Amazing. TechCrunch reviews Popuri, a site that provides a list of data like backlinks in Google, Yahoo and others. LifeHacker then reviews the same site. Here’s the thing, there is NOTHING special about Popuri at all, accept that they’ve given the site a trendy sounding Web 2.0 URL and a lite lick of Web 2.0 paint, the script that runs the site isn’t unique, indeed I regularly see sites running the same/ similar script come up for sale at DigitalPoint for $20, sometimes even less. Juan Xavier Larea of Florida, who ever you are, 100 pts for pure genius because you’ve duped Michael Arrington + LifeHacker, and that’s some pretty serious people to dupe. Am I a little bit jealous? hell yes, I nearly bought a site with the same script on it a couple of months back, but thought that it was so run of the mill that I couldn’t even be asked spending $20 to acquire it, it never occurred to me that I could freshen it up and market it as an amazing Web 2.0 breakthrough…maybe I need a change of scenery because I’m lacking in creative genius? who knows 🙂


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