I don’t get cold tea

August 24, 2006

Just noticed this post over on Southern ByWays (a b5media blog) on a recipe for “sweet tea…southern style” which made me think: I don’t get cold tea. It seems to be a big American thing, and whilst you can still buy cans of “Lipton Ice” at supermarkets in Australia, they don’t sell a lot of it…and they don’t taste awfully nice either. Why drink tea cold when you can drink it properly? ie hot. But then again it could just be me, I buy my Twinings English Breakfast tea bags in the 100 bag box, and I’ve always got a sealed jar of Twinings English Breakfast tea leaf in the cupboard for when I’m not feeling lazy…and I’ve never acquired a taste for coffee 🙂

4 responses to I don’t get cold tea

  1. It’s like a lot of Dutch people don’t get iced coffee and flavoured milk. They nearly only drink ‘real’ coffee over there(no instant either), and don’t have strawberry and spearmint drinks etc. Cold chocolate milk is mainly a children’s drink.
    What they do have that is pretty big (but mainly for kids) is a yoghurt drink. It’s milky but more sour, and with fruity flavours.

    Oh, and I just went to Woolworths to buy tea for work, and the Twinings English is on a good special (more than a dollar off!) 😀

  2. I have to admit, I prefer my tea hot… and then it has to be mint. Never acquired a taste for real tea. And my British husband can’t stand tea PERIOD. He is a coffee drinker. Never understood that!

  3. I like my tea both cold and hot. I find the cold tea to be a great summer drink as I like the flavor and find it refreshing.