I hate Lifehacker

February 8, 2007 — 7 Comments

It’s official. As of this morning I’ve decided I hate Gawker Media’s Lifehacker. Why? because it’s so infuriatingly useful. Nearly every single day I find something interesting to download, really really good stuff as well. I’ve already got 3 columns of programs in All Programs, I don’t want a 4th column. Today’s key download: RocketDock. It’s brilliant. Ignore the Mac OSX styling for a minute, download it, and have a play. The last thing I wanted is some giant program dock sitting at the bottom middle of my screen (even if it is 22 inches). You can move it, and even strip the background! I ended up with this:


All my favourite programs fitting nicely at the top hand right of the screen all the time, no need to enter start anymore to get to them. Bloody Lifehacker!!!! stop being so useful!!!!!!!