I love Camilla…sorry

June 23, 2006

Got to admit, I love Big Brother’s Camilla. I felt so bad when I read this, she’s a great girl with a great personality….maybe I should jet to the Gold Coast if (and when) she’s evicted and offer her a b5media gig! I’d love to have that voice here!.

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4 responses to I love Camilla…sorry

  1. You post too much Duncan. My RSS reader is going haywire.

    P.S Camilla is stupid and needs to grow up.
    Not that I watch the show .. I only just found out there’s 3 more intruders, wtf? Can you say flogging the horse ???

  2. Sure, they are flogging the horse, but I’ve got to say that at least these 3 intruders are interesting, well bar the blonde 22 year old.

    Camilla isn’t stupid, she just a bit young and speaks her mind, and that’s what I like about her, indeed, given she’s been up for eviction 6 times it’s what Australia likes about her. Sure, she’s a little rough, a little bruff, but we love her none the less….but then again I’ve always had a thing for red heads…she who must be obeyed has red hair (at least chemically) She said to me the other day (and I kid you not): do you know Camillla isn’t a natural red head. My response:, and you’re not a natural red head as well, but we are still married 🙂

  3. She needs to forget about her weight and get on with the damn show. She cares too much about what other people think and it’s showing all the little kids that if your fat, you should be depressed and go cry in a corner.

    She’s trying to be someone else too much. Someone that she isn’t.

  4. well.. when or if the chemically induced red head Camilla is evicted, and you do decide to come to the Gold Coast, make sure you come and visit!