I must be unwell…I recommended TypePad last night

April 19, 2006 — 2 Comments

I had the opportunity of speak to a local Rotary Club last night about blogging, and interesting experiment in itself given I had no laptop or audiovisual support so it was a matter of trying to explain the whole blogging thing to people who didn’t know anything about it…without pictures.

Afterwards I was talking to some people: I’d apparently made some people interested in blogging. One person asked me the best place to start a blog for his business at low cost. I talked roughly about free blogging services (such as WordPress.com, Blogger) but after recognising that he’d need a fair bit of support, I recommended TypePad as his best option…..god dammit! Anil would be proud. I even went onto explain how by paying the little bit of money to Mena and friends meant that he’d get a lot of support which would be useful should he get stuck………ok, someone buy me a bullet :-). Who knows, I might even get back on the SixApart Christmas Card list yet!