I’m Selling Out and Using Last.fm Again

June 11, 2008

I haven’t used Last.fm since I wrote this post in June noting that Last.fm were not joining the industry wide National Day of Silence. I still think, as a CBS owned company, they are not community players and really not worthy of being lauded by many in the space.

However, everyone has kept using them. A bit like Twitter I guess. You know they suck but they offer the best package…well in Twitter’s case until perhaps recently.

So I’m back on Last.fm and I feel like I need a shower to clean off the dirt. Ultimately I hate missing out on things and Pandora’s still georetarded so Last.fm it is. Not for the on-demand stuff (Grooveshark + Seeqpod does a better job of that) but for the customized radio side. That, and Last.fm is supported in FriendFeed 🙂