Is Dead 2.0 Trackback Spamming?

August 3, 2006 — 8 Comments

I subscribed to a new Web 2.0 blog…well probably better described as a anti-Web 2.0 blog Dead 2.0 about a month ago, and I will add I’ve been enjoying it….as much as I’ve become a minor (well very minor…outside of Australia at least) celebrity player in Web 2.0, I can still see the futility in many startups being launched, however, I got this today in my email (click for enlargement)


Thing is, when I visit the post here, I can’t find ANY reference to my post here, to which the trackback was sent to. I’d like to really wish it wasn’t so, but it looks like Dead 2.0 is really Spam 2.0 in terms of trackbacks. Sad really.


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