iTod…not quite there

April 13, 2006 — 2 Comments

The Times reports on the iTod, a iPod like device for toddlers. For me, it’s not quite there. First and foremost, I can’t imagine my 3 year old wearing earphones. He’ll rip them out in a second. After that, what’s the appeal? My son is obsessed with my main computer. He sneaks into my office and taps at the keyboard and the mouse. What we really need is a PC for 3-7 year olds. I’ve got one of those toy laptop things….they’re crap. My son played with it for about 2 minutes, then headed back for my computer. They need a real computer, but locked down, and with games 3-7 year olds can play…with a mouse. Linux would do it. When I find some time I’ve got an old P133 Laptop and I’ll do it on this. But why aren’t computer companies really catering for this market?