It’s Halloween

October 31, 2005

Apparently its Halloween, so my wife tells me as about 8 kids knocked on the door tonight here in Western Australia, which is all very well and good…except that it’s an American thing and I really have no interest in it. So the kids at the door didn’t get a lecture about the evils of stupid American traditions…because at the end of the day its really just an American thing that unfortunately has spread here as well…. they all got a CD case each, out of the box of 25 I bought off ebay about 6 months ago for about $2 a case (with shipping)….what can I say? it was cheap, which is why I bought it, even if I’ve only used 2 since, and now there are 8…. hang on another 4 ppl just knocked on the door whilst I was typing this, so that makes 12 kids who have brand new CD cases. Who needs lollies when you can store your CDs! I hope there aren’t too many more, I’m running out of cases 🙂