It’s official: I don’t get American job requirements

June 20, 2006 — 19 Comments

Found myself today at the Gawker Jobs page…not quite sure how, but I did none the less (no, I’m not moving to the States…just did ok!) and I found this marketing job for Indeed. The requirements: a BA or BS for a marketing job! Like I mentioned on June 8, Google has similar requirements for a Marketing job, and I just don’t get it! What, are the only two degrees Americans can get a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science? How do either apply to a marketing job? In my case I’m to be bestowed (this year, my last exam results permitting…I did my final exam on Monday…and it’s only taken 12 years to get to this point) a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in E-Commerce and Marketing, which you’d think would be perfect for a e-commerce based marketing position…and yet it seems I wouldn’t get a look in for an American job…it’s got me beat…apparently American firms prefer people to have studied ancient history or the like!

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