Jeremy Schoemaker slams Ask, then deletes post

April 22, 2007

I always find it interesting when people say stuff they shouldn’t, then try to undo the damage by deleting the post, ignoring the fact that RSS leaves a trail. And no, for the record I generally don’t delete stuff, although I do often regret writing some of it, but hey, I’m also smart enough to know someone will notice me deleting a post I’ve just written.

Anyhow, looks like Mr Shoemoney himself had a change of heart, because this post got deleted:



All Ask does is install Spyware of people’s computers and is nothing more than a Made For Adsense site? Dems fight’n words 🙂

One response to Jeremy Schoemaker slams Ask, then deletes post

  1. Schoemaker complaining about ‘dodgy sites’. That’s funny. 🙂