Jericho Lives!

June 7, 2007

Hollywood Reporter:  Fans win battle for ‘Jericho’

You little ripper! CBS has back-flipped and decided to renew Jericho, although only for 7 episodes at this stage with a potential for more depending on ratings in the US. 7 is far better than none at all and at least we might get some closure.

I didn’t send nuts to CBS but tens of thousands of Jericho fans did and hundreds of thousands worldwide signed petitions and linked to the cause. Congrats to every single person who helped save one of the last decent shows left on Television and I look forwards to downloading watching the Second series later in the year.

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3 responses to Jericho Lives!

  1. I quite dig that show, and I lookforward to actually watching it.

  2. Awesome to hear, from a Jericho fan – must add to Tivo or watch online.

  3. Additional information:
    If new series will be popular enough, Jericho will be continued and you’ll see full second season!