Jericho reviewed

September 25, 2006


So I finally got my hands on a very nice, HD Dobly Surround Sound Copy of Jericho. As per Fridays post, no comment as to how 🙂

General thoughts. Not bad, not bad indeed. I can’t get she who must be obeyed to watch it though because the premise of the show is too dark for her….which conversely which is why I was drawn to watch it….after all, watching television shows is not something I do a lot of.

The first episode naturally introduces the characters and sets up the premise of the entire series, that somehow the entirety of the United States has been wiped off the map by nuclear warfare with the except of this small hick town in Kansas (somewhere over the rainbow??)…which the show notes suggest is done via terrorism, and although theoretically exploding a nuclear war head or two in various cities throughout the United States wouldn’t be overly challenging to a terrorist, destroying the whole country is a bit far fetched….but I digress, because this is pretty much it so far. TV and Radio is knocked off the air when the bombs go off, which makes sense, after all the electromagnetic forces of such an explosion would knock out such transmissions, but oddly the power goes out some time later….that part makes no sense at all. The towns folk try to contact the outside world…and cant contact anyone. Stupid really: surely satellites of some sort would still be working, but even if we take modern communications away, haven’t they ever heard of Short Wave? If no one else was out there at all, they wouldn’t be alive because the world as we know it would have ceased to exist.

We leave the first episode with the towns folk going home for the evening after fighting amongst each other for petrol (gas) and the local petrol station…which is again odd given modern bowsers rely on power for their pumping process…so how come they were working if the power was off?.

So will I watch next week. Yes.
Overall rating 6.5/10
Looks like a promising drama in the “what if” premise of other quality shows such as Sliders 🙂

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